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Personalized Bookkeeping for only $500/month* 

with QuickBooks Online

*Most small businesses.  Month to month - no obligation.

 Take control of your business!

$500/month Includes:

  • Help with transaction entry into QuickBooks Online, including data from POS and external payroll systems

  • Monthly reconciliation and trouble-shooting

  • Financial reports and analysis

  • Setup, planning, and budgeting

  • Reports and organized records for your CPA at tax time

  • Help and support for invoicing and billing

  • You can call me any time for help using QuickBooks!

Do what you do best!

Focus on your customers!

Month-to-month; no long term obligation.

16 Years Bookkeeping Experience

How I work with you:

  • I'll remotely enter and match as many of your downloaded bank transactions as I can several times a month.​

  • We will work out a system for sharing bank statements and other information.

  • If I have questions I will email/call/text you.

  • I'll review payables and receivables and discuss issues with you.

  • I can enter Point of Sale and external payroll data.

  • I'll reconcile and provide you with custom reports monthly and as needed.

  • You can call me any time for help using QuickBooks for invoicing, billing, check-printing, sales tax, 1099s, or payroll.

Is QuickBooks Enough?

Yes - as your core accounting software.


Many businesses use an industry-specific point of sale system, online shopping cart, or customer relationship management system. Whatever you use, I can help you get your sales data into QuickBooks.  

If you have payroll, you should use a payroll service.  QuickBooks Online has an inexpensive integrated payroll service that's good enough for a few employees.  Beyond that, I can recommend larger services and help get your payroll data entered in QuickBooks.

I can help you set up the ideal system for your business and help manage the flow of data. Lets talk!  

Contact Me Today!  


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