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Knowify for Construction Management

Need progress invoicing, detailed job costing, scheduling, and budgeting? Knowify is affordable and works well with QuickBooks Online. Your project managers can use Knowify without needing to access QuickBooks and your accounting data. I can help get you set up and do a trial run to see if Knowify (or similar software) will work for you. After you are up and running, I can monitor it's sync with QuickBooks.

Knowify features:

  • Bids and progress invoicing, including AIA style

  • Purchase orders

  • Change orders

  • Percent completion

  • Scheduling and basic time tracking

  • E-signatures

  • Document templates fully customizable by Knowify staff

  • Job expenses can be entered into the Knowify dashboard, mobile app, or QuickBooks

  • Choice of job costing styles

Knowify syncs "cautiously" with QuickBooks. There is a "QuickBooks Sync Center" to monitor sync status. Purchases seem better entered first in QuickBooks and allocated to jobs in Knowify. Purchase orders and bills in Knowify can sync back to Quickbooks. Time can be pushed to QuickBooks if you are using payroll. Invoices and the Products & Services list also sync. I can help make sure all this is working and deal with support.

The mobile app isn't quite there yet. You can check in/out of a job and record purchases (direct or reimbursable) but no calling or texting directly from the app, although you do have the contact list.

Knowify has very nice resource scheduling but it doesn't sync with outside calendars. There is no lead tracking or email marketing in Knowify. If you want fancier (and more expensive) marketing features, try BuilderTrend.

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