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I work with you to get all your business transactions entered into QuickBooks and categorized.  We will spend time talking about your business so I can understand your work flow and figure out an efficient system for both of us.  Every business is different, but in general here’s how it works:

You pay your bills, write checks, invoice your customers, pay your employees, and make your bank deposits.  If you need help with this, there are apps such as, industry specific point of sale systems, and payroll services that I can recommend.

I can categorize credit card and electronic transactions in QuickBooks based on the information you give me, and make journal entries for daily sales and payroll.  I can also file and pay your monthly or quarterly sales taxes if needed.  I will reconcile to your bank and credit card statements monthly and send you financial reports.  Throughout the month I will ask you questions about transactions, answer your QuickBooks questions, and generally be there to make sure your are in control and up to date.

I will help you set up QuickBooks Online to get you the best information for your business.  QuickBooks Online can do job costing, class and location tracking, estimates, purchase orders, inventory, budgeting, and pretty much everything the desktop version did. 


I will email you a monthly Profit & Loss statement, a balance sheet, and any other reports that you may want or that I think are useful.  I send many clients the Open Invoices or Accounts Receivable Aging reports.  I can also analyze monthly trends to help make forecasts and set up budgets.

Software Integrations:


Receipt Management/Communication:


POS Systems my clients are using:  


Payroll Systems my clients are using or have used:

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