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I've been pretty happy with the Enhanced Payroll that comes with QuickBooks Online. It is inexpensive and all your payroll details are right there in...


May 2, 2017

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May 2, 2017

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I've been pretty happy with the Enhanced Payroll that comes with QuickBooks Online. It is inexpensive and all your payroll details are right there in QuickBooks.  It's good enough for companies with just a few employees.  QuickBooks Online Payroll can e-file and pay, b...

Once you have good accounting data, use it to improve your business!  Reports in QuickBooks Online keep getting better, but Excel is still the best for forecasts and analysis.  This is my favorite part of the job, and we will work out what you need to know and when you...

QuickBooks Online (QBO) Plus can do enough for small contractors.  Putting up with a few inefficiencies might be better than paying for expensive construction management software.  First ask yourself:  Are you willing to let all your project managers access QuickBooks?...

Planning is a process.  You should always be clear about the basic concept of your business:  Who you are, who your customer is, and what you do for them.  You don’t need a formal, written plan document unless you need to show it to someone else.  However, you should t...

Your life will be much easier if your shopping cart or merchant service software can talk directly to QuickBooks Online (QBO).  Shopify is my current recommendation for an entry level online shopping cart because it does work well with QBO.  It can push detailed custom...

I have two ways to help you pay your bills.  I can set up a check run ready for you to print from QuickBooks Online, or I can help you use Bill.com to handle the complete payment process.

1) You can send me your bills through email or my favorite app:...

Need progress invoicing, detailed job costing, scheduling, and budgeting?  Knowify is affordable and works well with QuickBooks Online.  Your project managers can use Knowify without needing to access QuickBooks and your accounting data.  I can help get you set up and...

You may want to keep track of sales leads and interactions with people before they become customers.  Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software can help you keep up with follow-ups.  Most CRM software also helps with project management -  allowing you to schedule...

T-Sheets is a highly rated app that's easy to use, inexpensive, and it tracks time by user and project.  Push a button on your mobile device or in your browser to clock in and out, switch projects, take a break.  It sends you reminders to clock back in after a break....

You really need a good cheap mileage tracking app if you deduct business miles.  I have tried Mile IQ and Triplog for Android and I like them both.  

Mile IQ does fully automatic drive detection.  After you've been out driving, swipe the drives right for business and le...

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