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Once you have good accounting data, use it to improve your business! Reports in QuickBooks Online keep getting better, but Excel is still the best for forecasts and analysis. This is my favorite part of the job, and we will work out what you need to know and when you need to know it. There's always the basic Profit & Loss (P&L), Accounts Receivable Aging (who's not paying you), and Balance Sheet (what you have and what you owe). Beyond those, you can see trends with a P&L by month, or even by customer/job if you are doing job costing. You can use class tracking to see results for segments of your business. We can run a daily or monthly cash balance. I can start with a P&L by month in Excel and make you a cash flow forecast. Who are your best customers? Your best-selling products? Is your business seasonal? Are your estimates accurate? How much are all those app subscriptions really costing you?

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