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Help Paying Bills

I have two ways to help you pay your bills. I can set up a check run ready for you to print from QuickBooks Online, or I can help you use to handle the complete payment process.

1) You can send me your bills through email or my favorite app: Hubdoc, and I can set them up in QuickBooks as bills to pay or checks to print. Hubdoc allows you to send me your bills by snapping a picture with your phone without even having to name it or take any action to send it. After I have set up your check run in QuickBooks, you print, sign, and mail the checks.

2) Do you write a lot of checks and want to outsource the printing and mailing also? Do you need approvals from others in your organization? can actually send checks on your behalf for a monthly fee plus a small per payment fee. You email or drag and drop bills into I can choose from your QuickBooks vendors and accounts to categorize them, rout them for approval if necessary, and then set them up to be paid. This system allows me to complete the whole bill-paying job for you without my needing your banking information. syncs the payments back to QuickBooks Online.

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